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Ways in Which Stress Affects Your Oral Health

When we are stressed for a long time, our bodies start to feel it. We get stomach aches, headaches and feel uneasy all the time. But did you know that a lot of stress could affect your mouth, gums, and teeth also? Read the following tips to find out how lowering stress may help you in reducing cold sores and canker sores from occurring. Explore more wisdom about dentist del mar.


Canker sores are similar to ulcers only that they appear in the mouth. They may form due to some reasons such as stress, viruses, fatigue and allergies which are thought to increase the risk of getting them also. Even though they are not contagious, they may be painful sometimes as a result of swelling and the position of the sore. Canker sores normally disappear anywhere within a week and may aid in reducing swelling and irritation. To help prevent canker sores, you can avoid eating food that is spicy, foods high in acidity, change your toothbrush when you get an infection and use mouthwash often to help to rinse the areas that are hard to reach.


Nothing is worse than having a painful sore come up when we least expect it. As frustrating as cold sores may be, you can do something to prevent them. Cold sores usually referred to as fever blisters are caused by HSV virus and are contagious. These blisters are full of fluid, and they appear outside the mouth around the lips, and they may be painful if irritated. Fevers, sunburns, emotional stress and skin abrasions may cause cold sores. While there is no cure for cold sores, there are things you can do to prevent them from occurring or becoming worse. If a cold sore pops up, wash your hands after touching it. This will help in preventing the spread of bacteria. Do not share utensils, razors or towels with others if cold sores break out. Ensure you apply sunscreen to your lips and face before exposing yourself to the sun too help flare-ups from occurring. Examine the knowledge that we shared about the dentist san diego.


Just like canker sores, cold sores normally heal on their own, and they may take about a week or so to heal completely. During a breakout, you can purchase over the counter treatments to help reduce the swelling and pain. Talk to a dentist today to know the different types of treatment methods.


Stress takes a huge toll on our bodies so don't let it take a toll on your oral health.